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Hello, everyone. Kenji here.
Thank you for all your support in :iconpatreon:
I decided to do changes on my plattaform.
My patreon is now adressed as Tokenworks. I'm working with my boyfriend on it, so if you want to support us, pay a visit to our Patreon and from 1 usd donations or more, you can get special stuff that I'll be posting every month.
Of course, I'm keeping posting non-mature comics here.
See you next time
PD. For those who are saying I put a paywall for my work. NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT.
I keep drawing stuff and posting here and on FA, but my Patreon site is for encourage me to keep what I love to do. 
  • Listening to: Asi que ya no será solo
  • Reading: de El Divino.
  • Watching: Quiero que me apoyen si quieren
  • Playing: para no parar de hacer esto
  • Eating: que amo tanto que es
  • Drinking: DIBUJAR.
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